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quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2008

Tasting - Alvarinho Deu la Deu 2006

Tasted this wine with my parents... it's always a nice experience to taste with them... my father, working in the Port wine blending for 45 years has a lot to teach... and my mother, who insists knowing nothing about wines, has always something funny to say :) This is one of my favourite Alvarinho... a variety that nowadays is spread all over Portugal but that used to exclusive of a sub-region of the Vinho Verde wine region called Monçao & Melgaço. And that's where this Deu la Deu is made. 2006 harvest... showing very well right now but I must get a couple of bottles to save and retaste in a few years from now... It has a good yellow citric colour with some gold hints. Fantastic the intensity in the nose where we find citric fruis, lime and apple mostly, some tropical aromas (passion fruit, pear), balanced with a sublime vegetal and floral character... The mouth shows us a very well structured wine but not heavy... it has a delicious acidity making it fresh, really fresh. It ends with some hints of minerality a lot of fruit. The aftertaste is pleasent being not to long.... Another very good sample of this kind of wines... very good with codfish... and in a cold, rainy, winter night... Isn't that a surprise? 86 Points

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