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sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2008

100 point rating system

It's not our aim to rate wines and to say this is better than that one, but a tasting note without rating is like a flat wine. Thus, this is the 100 point rating system that we follow:
  • 99-100 Points: A jaw-dropping, heart-stopping effort—not just everything you’d expect, but MORE than you could reasonably expect from a wine.
  • 96-98 Points: Overwhelming. A rare level of greatness for wines that knock your socks off with their massiveness or make your hair stand on end with their elegance.
  • 92-95 Points: Rocking wines that achieve something special within what they try to be. Occasionally wines in this range are a bit one-dimensional, but that one dimension will blow you away.
  • 90-91 Points: High quality wines that make you go back to the glass looking for (and usually finding) something more. Wines that are not just enjoyable but pique one’s curiosity.
  • 85-89 Points: Above average wines that perhaps lack that little something extra that makes them worthy of a 90-point score. Satisfactory. Drinkable and unobjectionable.
  • 80-84 Points: Something about the wine just rubs you the wrong way, but it has some redeeming features.
  • 70-79 Points: Very average wines capable of quenching thirst but little else. Straightforward and unremarkable.
  • 60-69 Points: Flawed wines to avoid at all costs. Practically undrinkable.
  • 50-59 Points: So poor that the 60-69 range is insufficient to describe their inadequacy. Undrinkable.

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