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sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2009

First harvest in Alentejo

After a several months very busy, i decide make a post of my first harvest in Alentejo. Was a very short vintage, less then 2 months. The weather was not very hot, very good for a slow maturation of the grapes. In my opinion a excelent year for red wines. The syrah variety gave to us a complex wines, with a lot of fruit in the nose, with a good balance in the mouth, with good tanins, good struture, concentration.... we have a lot of expetations. Touriga Nacional was very good to. Less floral but very good fruit mixed with violets, very strong in the mouth, need some time to get more round. I think we can make very good 2008 wines. In the future i hope we are aloud to make better white wines, with more experience we can make a reserve one.